January 15, 2014

Re-ranking my favorite Coen Brothers movies


I saw "Inside Llewyn Davis" last night and it was good and interesting and funny and charming and weird, just like you'd expect from the Coen Brothers. I was out too late and drank too many Old Fashioneds to write a proper batch of mid-week Twins notes for today, so instead here's an updated ranking of my 10 favorite movies directed by the Coen Brothers:

1. "No Country For Old Men"
2. "The Big Lebowski"
3. "Fargo"
4. "True Grit"
5. "Inside Llewyn Davis"
6. "Barton Fink"
7. "Raising Arizona"
8. "Miller's Crossing"
9. "A Serious Man"
10. "Blood Simple"

I kind of want to see "Inside Llewyn Davis" again to think about it rather than just enjoy it. Oscar Isaac was exceptionally good in the leading role, singing his ass off and also somehow remaining likeable against all odds, and John Goodman stole the show in a supporting role. Go see it.

Also: Old Fashioneds are much better with bourbon than rye. I'll listen to arguments regarding the above movie rankings, but will not budge on that being a fact.

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