May 17, 2016

My debut at Baseball Prospectus: “The Fall of the Ryan Empire”

I've joined Baseball Prospectus as a writer/editor--which has been a dream of mine since I started writing about baseball--and my debut article is about the Twins and "The Fall of the Ryan Empire."

The Fall of the Ryan Empire

On a related note: Thank you to everyone who read and supported my work at NBC Sports for the past decade and thank you in advance to everyone for continuing to read and support my work at Baseball Prospectus now. I'm very excited and we have some big stuff planned.

  • Brad Rickelman

    Will this mean most of your articles will be behind their firewall (need to subscribe)? Keep up the great work! (and go Twins).

  • YoLaTengoTwins

    Congrats on the new gig. Keep up the good work.

  • tholt

    Nice work. I’ve been wondering about the vision of the Twins’ management for about 10 years now. Twins baseball shouldn’t be about the old boy network any longer.

  • furiouscalves

    What about the winning percentage of the A’s from 1995 on, or the devil rays, or baltimore or the tigers, or the mariners, or white sox, or even cubs? And how many GM’s did those teams have. Not that I think this is a good measure as a whole, but it would help give some context.

    His 1 playoff series win is the real the gut punch and is where TR really fails. He has never swung for the fences and builds teams that lack the upside of playoff series winners; teams with like 2 big dog starters, 2 big SO relievers, 2 or 3 big HR guys 1 or 2 high OBP guys.

    His teams might occasionally win enough to get into playoffs, and while it can be fun to be an outlier and an underdog, pretty soon you realize that It’s like always having an entire rotation of #4 pitchers…you might win some..but yeah…no

  • Arby’s

    Never been to Baseball Prospectus before….please encourage them to overhaul their site design. It’s been years since I have seen a commercial site that looks that hideous. Just hire a college graphic designer for a few grand. Please have them do something.
    Good well thought out article. Only one contrary thought. This year was supposed to be the year the Twins finally came out of their funk from the Smith era. If that was the case, you would probably be praising Ryan. Really it comes down to the Twins not meeting expectations this year. Still the point about the mediocre pitching signings has bothered me for so long. Nice to see it in print.