May 17, 2016

My debut at Baseball Prospectus: “The Fall of the Ryan Empire”

I've joined Baseball Prospectus as a writer/editor--which has been a dream of mine since I started writing about baseball--and my debut article is about the Twins and "The Fall of the Ryan Empire."

The Fall of the Ryan Empire

On a related note: Thank you to everyone who read and supported my work at NBC Sports for the past decade and thank you in advance to everyone for continuing to read and support my work at Baseball Prospectus now. I'm very excited and we have some big stuff planned.

June 5, 2015

Listen to me talk Twins on Baseball Prospectus’ “Effectively Wild” podcast


With the Twins suddenly winning games everyone is trying to figure out if they're for real or not, so Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus had me as a guest on their "Effectively Wild" podcast for a half-hour chat about the first-place Twins. And for perhaps the first time in my entire life I was the most optimistic person in the (virtual) room about the Twins. Check it out:

Effectively Wild: Reluctantly Trashing the Twins

February 10, 2014

Listen to me talk Twins on Baseball Prospectus’ “Effectively Wild” podcast


I wrote the Minnesota Twins essay in this year's "Baseball Prospectus" book and appeared on their "Effectively Wild" podcast with Sam Miller and Ben Lindbergh to discuss that article, along with various other Twins-related stuff. It's an in-depth talk about some non-mainstream topics, so I think you'll enjoy it. And the Twins-focused episode also includes an interview with Phil Miller of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Check it out:

Effectively Wild: Minnesota Twins Preview

February 7, 2012

Me at Baseball Prospectus

My excitement about this may be difficult to properly convey because I've been writing about baseball on the internet for a decade now and am fortunate to have had my byline appear in all sorts of great places, but today I have a guest column at Baseball Prospectus and ... well, the 15-year-old me who read every Baseball Prospectus book cover to cover and printed out Baseball Prospectus articles to save in three-ring binders would be giddy right now.

And the 29-year-old me, while admittedly being embarrassed that the 15-year-old version was such a massive nerd, is pretty damn excited too. Thanks to Ben Lindbergh and everyone else at Baseball Prospectus for letting me write something for the place that likely shaped the way I think and write about baseball more than any other. I can say without an ounce of hyperbole that seeing my byline at Baseball Prospectus has been a dream for 15 years. Please read it:

Lose-Lose Situation: Revisiting the Johan Santana Trade