January 28, 2011


• The concept of gravitational pull in picture form, starring Kim Kardashian at an NBA game.

• Last week former Gophers football star Laurence Maroney was arrested for marijuana and gun possession in St. Louis after attending a Rick Ross show and his mugshot is spectacular.

• Google has the power to make or break billion-dollar businesses by adjusting some settings.

• As someone who's been blogging for nearly nine years without a single break of more than a few days and has no plans to stop any time soon, this article on "blog quitters" confuses me.

• When you try to imagine the men capable of moving from January Jones to Jennifer Aniston to Scarlett Johansson in the span of months, Jason Sudekis probably doesn't top the list.

• To be honest, I'm surprised the percentage is that high.

• On a related note (sort of), I can think of worse ways to go.

• I haven't linked to anything about Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com candidate Kate Beckinsale in a while, but thankfully she's still super good-looking. Phew.

• Must-Read Article of the Week: "Sabermetrician in Exile" by Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports.

Well done, Kevin Love. And well done, Timberwolves.

• If you missed Ricky Gervais' incredible monologue at the Golden Globe awards, here it is:

Gervais no doubt angered enough big names that he'll never, ever be asked back as host, but hopefully they haven't ruled out Karl Pilkington.

• Gervais' brilliant hosting kept me tuned in for the entire show, but the highlight was Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com Mila Kunis holding hands and hopping with Emma Stone. Obviously.

• Or you could just, you know, pay someone to shovel your driveway. Either way.

• As someone who's arranged his life so that about 99.9 percent of all social interactions occur online, I really enjoyed Katie Baker's essay about her old internet persona. One day I'll reveal that I'm actually a 15-year-old girl, but until then keep thinking of me as a 28-year-old fat guy.

Dan Levy of Press Coverage speculates that the newly formed NBC-Comcast combo is more or less going to take over the online sports world. No big deal.

• My fellow Modern Family and Parenthood viewers should read this story about Craig T. Nelson turning down one for the other because of money. Probably worked out for the best, because he's good on Parenthood and Ed O'Neill is great on Modern Family.

• Speaking of Modern Family, something about Sofia Vergara starting her own clothing line for Kmart and also serving as the products' model seems sad in an "attention Kmart shoppers, no amount of inexpensive, mass-produced clothing will make you look like one of the best-looking humans in the world" sort of way.

Carla Gugino is still incredibly underrated, even if it took Esquire Mexico to remind me.

• Must-Listen Podcast of the Week: Jonah Keri and Alex Belth spent an hour chatting about everything from The Big Lebowski to baseball blogs, and it would have been a great listen even if they hadn't name-checked me about halfway in.

B.J. Raji's post-touchdown shimmy in the NFL title game Sunday is my favorite fatboy dance since Chunk did the truffle shuffle in "The Goonies."

If you enjoyed it too, thank Dom Capers.

• I can remember my 16-year-old self reading the Sports Illustrated profile of Tamir Goodman, so the follow-up a dozen years later was very interesting.

• Thanks to everyone at the Beckett Media office in Dallas for being so friendly to me last week while we put the finishing touches on the annual Rotoworld baseball draft guide. It should be hitting newsstands in early February, with Albert Pujols on the cover and well over 100,000 words from me, Craig Calcaterra, Matthew Pouliot, Drew Silva, D.J. Short, Eno Sarris, Thor Nystrom, Nate Stephens, and Jesse Burkhart.

• Incidentally, the room Beckett had me work in featured a framed Mark Brunell jersey, walls plastered with old magazine covers, and Ricky Martin collectibles. I felt right at home.

• After watching "Winter's Bone" on the flight back from Dallas last week, I'm pretty convinced the movie would have been much different had Jennifer Lawrence worn this the whole time.

• I'm not even from Seattle, but this sounds fantastic: "Kemp scores a layup-and-one with this happy hour."

• I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds like an intriguing option for some AG.com poker games.

• I'm proud to be a very, very, very small part of this.

• Question of the Week (in the form of the AG.com-approved music video): Is Billy Joel's song "Only The Good Die Young" more anti-religion or pro-having sex with Catholic school girls?