August 10, 2012


Eric Chavez throwing the ball back to an unsuspecting Cody Eppley is GIF magic.

Nicolas Batum's nut-punching above replacement level is off the charts, which is no doubt why the Timberwolves made such a strong run at him this offseason.

• See, now they're just taunting me. Might be time to evaluate some other candidates.

• In honor of Usain Bolt's latest gold medal the New York Times created a fascinating video showing the evolution of the 100-meter dash at the Olympics. Humans are pretty amazing.

• I'm pretty sure Google has been listening to Gleeman and The Geek and is now inventing things specifically for me.

Sid Hartman's recent Minneapolis Star Tribune column includes a note saying that "it's unlikely 1500-AM will carry Twins broadcasts beyond this season."

• For anyone interested in local radio ratings, my MinnPost colleague David Brauer has the latest numbers and analysis. Short version: KFAN continues to dominate.

• Update on my all-Chinese food diet: I ate hunan chicken from Yangtze almost literally every day for an entire month and gained 10 pounds. I'm not sure what was accomplished, other than learning I'm still capable of being a fastso, but now I'm back on the low-calorie wagon.

• Behold, the worst play of the season:

On a related note, for as awful as the Twins have been since the beginning of 2011 they've got 20 more wins than the Astros during that time. Seriously: 112-162 compared to 92-182.

Ricky Gervais is the latest comedian to ride in Jerry Seinfeld's car and go for coffee.

Amelia Rayno of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote an excellent article about Corey Koskie's life after a concussion ruined his baseball career.

Tim Allen, who blogged excellently and creatively about the Timberwolves at Canis Hoopis since 2009, committed suicide at age 29.

• Turner Broadcasting bought Bleacher Report for $175 million.

Frank Viola's daughter, Brittany Viola, finished 15th in the Olympic diving semi-finals.

Carson Cistulli put together some good advice for how to become an internet baseball writer, although he oddly left out "be incredibly handsome."

• As always my favorite podcast guest, Chelsea Peretti, was great on Doug Loves Movies with Doug Benson, Sarah Silverman and Anthony Jeselnik. And my friend and former Rotoworld colleague Gregg Rosenthal was actually in the audience.

• Speaking of Peretti, she makes a cameo appearance in this amusing compilation video of all the times Louis C.K. has said "I'm sorry" on Louie:

Also: Joan Rivers.

• Freakonomics Radio explains why getting a college degree isn't always so valuable.

• On the other hand, things are looking up for journalism school graduates these days.

• Old school Orioles catcher Gus Triandos had a very memorable place in The Wire world, but the show had plenty of other sports-related story lines too.

• It turns out the Minneapolis Star Tribune headline about "weed dating" was a false alarm.

• Tuesday morning I was getting tweets saying stuff like "do you really wear tuxedo t-shirts?" and "what's with a polka dot fanny pack?" and "uh, you may want to turn on KFAN." I listened to the podcast later and heard Paul Allen and Marney Gellner discuss "Girls Gone Gleeman" without me even being present, including Gellner replying "I follow him on Twitter and his mom is a sweetheart" when asked if she knew me. Which, really, should be on my tombstone.

• I was in-studio to defend my honor yesterday and PA threw a curveball by actually wanting to talk Twins for a while. We eventually got to the "Girls Gone Gleeman" situation, which now includes at least one legitimate applicant. And if you listen to the podcast you can hear PA's reaction when I strip down to reveal an actual tuxedo t-shirt that was shipped overnight via just for the occasion. In other words, things are getting very serious.

• And because KFAN clearly hadn't devoted enough airtime to my love life this week, two hours later PA cold-called me at home live on the air to deliver some breaking "Girls Gone Gleeman" news. FSN sideline reporter Robby Incmikoski was in-studio at the time, so we became pals again and at some point I agreed to let him serve as a special guest judge for the dating game-style show we're planning at the state fair. He seems excited about it, at least.

• I've been on Twitter for three years and this is by far my most successful use of the medium:

It turns out running your fingers through my hair can be very addicting.

• On a related note, looks like we'll be doing a live Gleeman and The Geek show from the KFAN booth at the state fair on August 26. My guess is we'll take lots of audience questions, so if you've ever wanted to see John Bonnes arguing with me in person this is your big chance.

• Your weekly reminder that Vin Scully is the best.

Jon Weisman is right: This picture made me smile.

• For some reason my rush-delivered tuxedo t-shirt did not come with any huge guns.

What music would you listen to if you'd been deaf for your entire life and could finally hear?

In which I sing a Beyonce song to Danny Valencia.

• If you look up "hero" in the dictionary ... well, you'll see a definition. Also, this Julie Klausner story is pretty great.

• If you're into basketball, sports betting, poker, or (like me) all of the above Jay Caspian Kang's podcast interview with longtime favorite Haralabos Voulgaris is a must-listen.

• Back by popular demand, this week's most amusing, weird, and random search engine queries that brought people here:

- "Bert Blyleven fart"
- "Boof Bonser salary"
- "Brian Dinkelman salary"
- "J.J. Hardy wife"
- "Can a catcher also play outfield"
- "Ben Revere throwing arm"
- "Michelle Beadle twinkie"
- "Chelsea Peretti drugs"
- "Parker Posey weight"
- "Dirty slide slow pitch softball"
- "Joe Thurston ex-girlfriend"
- "Tsuyoshi Nishioka error"
- "Christopher Nolan baseball"
- "Fat man stuffing his face"

• Finally, this week's music video is the album version of "Where We Gonna Go From Here" by Mat Kearney:

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January 28, 2011


• The concept of gravitational pull in picture form, starring Kim Kardashian at an NBA game.

• Last week former Gophers football star Laurence Maroney was arrested for marijuana and gun possession in St. Louis after attending a Rick Ross show and his mugshot is spectacular.

• Google has the power to make or break billion-dollar businesses by adjusting some settings.

• As someone who's been blogging for nearly nine years without a single break of more than a few days and has no plans to stop any time soon, this article on "blog quitters" confuses me.

• When you try to imagine the men capable of moving from January Jones to Jennifer Aniston to Scarlett Johansson in the span of months, Jason Sudekis probably doesn't top the list.

• To be honest, I'm surprised the percentage is that high.

• On a related note (sort of), I can think of worse ways to go.

• I haven't linked to anything about Official Fantasy Girl of candidate Kate Beckinsale in a while, but thankfully she's still super good-looking. Phew.

• Must-Read Article of the Week: "Sabermetrician in Exile" by Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports.

Well done, Kevin Love. And well done, Timberwolves.

• If you missed Ricky Gervais' incredible monologue at the Golden Globe awards, here it is:

Gervais no doubt angered enough big names that he'll never, ever be asked back as host, but hopefully they haven't ruled out Karl Pilkington.

• Gervais' brilliant hosting kept me tuned in for the entire show, but the highlight was Official Fantasy Girl of Mila Kunis holding hands and hopping with Emma Stone. Obviously.

• Or you could just, you know, pay someone to shovel your driveway. Either way.

• As someone who's arranged his life so that about 99.9 percent of all social interactions occur online, I really enjoyed Katie Baker's essay about her old internet persona. One day I'll reveal that I'm actually a 15-year-old girl, but until then keep thinking of me as a 28-year-old fat guy.

Dan Levy of Press Coverage speculates that the newly formed NBC-Comcast combo is more or less going to take over the online sports world. No big deal.

• My fellow Modern Family and Parenthood viewers should read this story about Craig T. Nelson turning down one for the other because of money. Probably worked out for the best, because he's good on Parenthood and Ed O'Neill is great on Modern Family.

• Speaking of Modern Family, something about Sofia Vergara starting her own clothing line for Kmart and also serving as the products' model seems sad in an "attention Kmart shoppers, no amount of inexpensive, mass-produced clothing will make you look like one of the best-looking humans in the world" sort of way.

Carla Gugino is still incredibly underrated, even if it took Esquire Mexico to remind me.

• Must-Listen Podcast of the Week: Jonah Keri and Alex Belth spent an hour chatting about everything from The Big Lebowski to baseball blogs, and it would have been a great listen even if they hadn't name-checked me about halfway in.

B.J. Raji's post-touchdown shimmy in the NFL title game Sunday is my favorite fatboy dance since Chunk did the truffle shuffle in "The Goonies."

If you enjoyed it too, thank Dom Capers.

• I can remember my 16-year-old self reading the Sports Illustrated profile of Tamir Goodman, so the follow-up a dozen years later was very interesting.

• Thanks to everyone at the Beckett Media office in Dallas for being so friendly to me last week while we put the finishing touches on the annual Rotoworld baseball draft guide. It should be hitting newsstands in early February, with Albert Pujols on the cover and well over 100,000 words from me, Craig Calcaterra, Matthew Pouliot, Drew Silva, D.J. Short, Eno Sarris, Thor Nystrom, Nate Stephens, and Jesse Burkhart.

• Incidentally, the room Beckett had me work in featured a framed Mark Brunell jersey, walls plastered with old magazine covers, and Ricky Martin collectibles. I felt right at home.

• After watching "Winter's Bone" on the flight back from Dallas last week, I'm pretty convinced the movie would have been much different had Jennifer Lawrence worn this the whole time.

• I'm not even from Seattle, but this sounds fantastic: "Kemp scores a layup-and-one with this happy hour."

• I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds like an intriguing option for some poker games.

• I'm proud to be a very, very, very small part of this.

• Question of the Week (in the form of the music video): Is Billy Joel's song "Only The Good Die Young" more anti-religion or pro-having sex with Catholic school girls?

September 3, 2010


• I'm not going to write anything about last night's game, because it was gross to watch and Fridays are for linking, but feel free to read my real-time commentary on Twitter to re-live the magic in reverse-chronological order. It works best if you take a shot between each tweet.

UPDATE: OK, so I lied about not writing something on the game. Read it at your own risk.

• The only thing worse than a 48-year-old 354-game winner with frosted tips is the mugshot of a 48-year-old 354-game winner with frosted tips.

• In equally likely news, I want to marry Diora Baird after I divorce Mila Kunis.

• My mom has a new favorite Twins player.

• This seems about right, at least before last night's disaster.

• I obviously could never play for Bruce Bochy.

• As a fellow fatso I empathize with James Toney, but I bet against him and it was the easiest money I've ever made. He never even threw a punch.

Jerry Crasnick of wrote an outstanding article about concussions in baseball, with Justin Morneau and Corey Koskie both prominently featured.

• As a devoted Gmail user who's absolutely awful about promptly replying to e-mails, I'm really hoping this will help.

• I wrote quite a bit about Rob Dibble this week, first suggesting that bone-headed comments about Stephen Strasburg are hardly his biggest fault and then explaining why he ain't exactly Howard Stern. And then ... he got fired.

• Photo-shopping the stars of Mad Men is sort of like giving me a coupon to a buffet. They don't need the help.

• Aside from seeing Christina Hendricks on the red carpet Ricky Gervais' appearance was my favorite part of the Emmys. Of course, I'm such a huge Gervais fan that I'd enjoy just watching him laugh for five straight minutes. Seriously:

• I'm in a fantasy football league with the Rotoworld and baseball writers, and Adam Levitan wrote a column analyzing our picks without knowing the identity of each team. See if you can guess mine just by the players selected.

John Ourand of Sports Business Journal made five predictions for the impending Comcast and NBC merger, and I'm just happy none of them involve me being out of a gig.

• I posed a couple of interesting (to me, at least) questions on Hardball Talk this week. First, is Albert Pujols the greatest right-handed hitter of all time? And second, was Wednesday night's Rays outfield the fastest in baseball history?

• For some reason Mike Wise attempted to catch bloggers in a "gotcha" moment, but instead got himself suspended for a month by the Washington Post.

Jessica Alba, making a comeback six years after losing Official Fantasy Girl of status?

• Twins fans and mainstream columnists would like to believe otherwise, but Manny Ramirez is hardly washed up.

Rex Ryan and the Jets read Pro Football Talk. Something tells me HBO will never catch Ron Gardenhire on Hardball Talk.

• When he was pitching for the Twins, would anyone have bet on Livan Hernandez getting a guaranteed contract for 2011?

• His brother, on the other hand, will not be joining him in Washington.

• New podcast to check out: The Lavender Hour with Natasha Leggero and Duncan Trussell.

• I'm not really much of a Cameron Diaz fan, but some of you will surely appreciate this picture of her posing next to a bust of Harry Caray (and after having lunch with Alex Rodriguez).

David Brauer of MinnPost has the latest on local radio ratings, which somehow fascinate me despite the fact that I'll often go weeks without listening to any radio whatsoever.

• Just a reminder: I'm still taking questions via Twitter for a mailbag entry here next week.

• Happy birthday to my uncle Jon Gallop, who's without question the person most responsible for my love of baseball. So, blame him for all of this.

• Here are some highlights from my blogging this week:

- After hitting 102.7 mph in debut, Aroldis Chapman throws 103.9 mph in second appearance
- Cliff Lee avoids another loss, but struggles again for Rangers
- Royals top prospect Mike Moustakas has 3-homer, 11-RBI game at Triple-A
- Brandon Wood to play in the Arizona Fall League at age 25
- C.J. Wilson's transition from bullpen to rotation has been huge for the Rangers
- Angels rookie Jordan Walden throws really, really hard
- Cole Hamels' win-loss record doesn't show it, but he's having a great season
- Something strange is going on between Tony La Russa and Colby Rasmus
- Jim Edmonds says "I'm leaning toward shutting it down and being a family man again"

• Finally, this week's music video is Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy singing a live, acoustic version of "Billionaire":

June 17, 2010


• I defy anyone to find a better lead paragraph for a news story: "A German student created a major traffic jam in Bavaria when he mooned a group of Hell's Angels, hurled a puppy at them, and then escaped on a bulldozer."

• In one of the greatest "worlds colliding" moments in comedy history, Ricky Gervais will play himself in the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. He once interviewed Larry David for a show on the BBC and the result was predictably fantastic.

• Speaking of David, his ex-wife has what I'd call diverse taste.

• You know you've fallen off the dieting and exercise wagon again when a list like this starts to sound appealing. No. 9 is obviously right up my alley.

• I'd follow the Jason Phillips approach to dating, but I'm not sure I can afford to give out that many baseballs.

• This baby from Brazil is by far the best dancer I've seen since Elaine Benes:

I fully expect table-top diaper dancing to really take off now.

• Sometimes you must turn to Adam Carolla for helping analyzing bad relief pitching.

• I'm not a Celtics fan, but these pictures alone could be enough to make Maria Menounos an Official Fantasy Girl of candidate. This picture doesn't hurt her cause either.

• During my appearance on 1500-ESPN radio earlier this week Tom Pelissero and Phil Mackey hinted at the Twins being legitimately interested in Cliff Lee, and Pelissero put his inside info in writing yesterday. I'm still very skeptical about the Twins' actual chances of landing Lee, but that they're even kicking the tires on him is plenty interesting.

• Believe it or not, this man dated Alyssa Milano.

• I'm addicted to's Hardball Dynasty game and my league has one franchise open with a new season set to begin next week. Hardball Dynasty is not fantasy baseball, but rather an incredibly detailed simulation of running a fictional MLB organization from rookie-ball to the majors, so due to the steep learning curve and time commitment required we're looking for an owner with previous Hardball Dynasty experience. If you're interested, let me know.

Bert Blyleven would probably say that Kenshin Kawakami just doesn't know how to win.

Tom Powers' column about the Ubaldo Jimenez-Francisco Liriano matchup would've been a lot shorter if he'd just said, "Get off my lawn!" Gotta sell those newspapers, I suppose.

Pedro Cerrano thinks this minor leaguer went a little over the top with his home run trot:

My favorite part of the whole thing is the shoulder shrug at the end.

• One day Lou Piniella went crazy on Steve Stone for having the gall to criticize him and the next day the Cubs' manager followed Stone's advice.

• Two years after his initial arrest for drug possession, former KFAN radio host Jeff Dubay has violated his probation for a second time by using cocaine. Don't do (hard) drugs, kids.

• From the people who brought you Twinkie Town comes SB Nation Minnesota, about which my MinnPost colleague David Brauer wrote an interesting article earlier this week.

• Have love, Cameron Diaz will travel.

• I'm hoping that most of the people who read this blog also read my work on, but for those of you who don't Hardball Talk underwent an extensive re-design this week. As with any kind of big change the re-design is getting mixed reviews, but if you like my writing or Craig Calcaterra's writing you should check out Hardball Talk because we essentially tag-team blog throughout the day, every day, pumping out dozens of entries.

• Speaking of which, here are some highlights from my blogging this week:

- Alex Gordon is apparently too good for the Royals
- Before the injuries hit, Mark Mulder was having a great career
- Dustin Pedroia puts on a knee brace and his hitting shoes
- Diamondbacks trade Conor Jackson to A's
- Darin Erstad says "I'm done" after 14 seasons
- Ubaldo Jimenez beats Twins, improves to 13-1 with 1.15 ERA
- Dustin McGowan lasts just eight pitches before another setback

• Finally, in honor of the aforementioned Ms. Diaz, this week's music video is The Black Keys doing a live cover version of "Have Love, Will Travel" by Richard Berry: